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BILGE International School of Intellectual Development and Mentally Arithmetic was founded in Turkestan on March 24, 2016. The principle is to educate a wise, intelligent generation. In September 2017, the BILGEN (Bil-Knowledge, Gen-Genetics) Center for National Methodology and Evaluation was established to provide pre-school and school-age children with additional education courses and various educational competitions.

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Our Teams

Our team consists of young, talented and qualified professionals who aim at maintaining the knowledge and culture and reputation of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the highest level.

Akim Tursun Hazretaliuly


The author of the founder of "Bilge" and "BilGen" courses.

Zhanserik Tolegen


General Director of Digital Management Center "BilGen TECH".

Ayan Tursun Hazretaliuly


General Director of "BilGen" National Evaluation Center.

Asheke Marzhan Toktarbaikyzy/h5>

Project Leader

Project Manager of "BilGen" National Olympics.

Zeinullaev Ernur Bekbulatuly


General Manager of "Bilgen Tech" and "Bilgen Hub" projects. Programmer.